Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

TES-1372/TES-1372R CO Meter Gas Detector Climatic / Environment Inspection

Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine: The Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine. It’s designed for tension, compression, flexure, and shear strength testing on materials and assemblies. The robust design that incorporate quality materials and components ensure the quality of testing machine.

Frame Features:
  • Suitable for tension, compression, transverse, shear and other tests to a maximum force of 2000KN.
  • Four columns rugged design allows larger samples to be tested.
  • Friction-free piston operation allows smooth, controlled operation and minimal down-time
  • Standard Dual Zone Test Space for reducing setup time.
  • "Quick Return" hydraulic valve for higher throughput
  • Automatic limit checking for crosshead position, overload, over temperature, over voltage, etc.
  • Imported servo valve provides high stability and reliability
  • Positive specimen holding is ensured by the wedge action of hydraulic grips.

Software - TestArtist:
  • Easy-to-use TestArt software with a large and growing library of standards-compliant test methods(ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, BS, and more)
  • Modular design permits easy upgrading
  • Plenty of test standards are built in the library of the software for routine tests
  • Graphic function: real time display curves, like displacement-load, stress-strain, displacement-time, load-times, and others
  • Powerful analysis function can calculate typical value and display on the curve, like Fm, ReL, ReH, Rp
  • Measurement unit: Users can select SI, or others, like N, kN, Kgf, lbf, Mpa, and so on, user can define the unit by themselves
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